Mechanic's Lien

 What is a mechanic's lien? A mechanic's lien is a legal document used to obtain title of a vehicle or lien on a property. A property mechanic's lien is filed at the County Recorder's office where the property is located. Under certain circumstances, a mechanic's lien can be filed by a contractor against the owner of the property where work was performed or supposed to be performed. Also, a mechanic's lien may be filed by a subcontractor against the contractor and owner of the property. Mechanic's liens can also be used by a repairshop to obtain title of a vehicle when the customer either left the vehicle at the shop for a prolonged period of time or owes a bill for labor and services and refuses to pay.

What will my fees be to use your services to file a mechanic's lien? Our firm typically charges $200 to draft and file a mechanic's lien. You would be responsible for also paying the county filing fees to file a mechanic's lien. The fees to file a mechanic's lien with the county varies from county to county.
Why choose our firm to handle the mechanic's lien? Of course we think we are the best. Call us at (630)839-9776 to decide! You will speak to an Illinois licensed attorney. You will be given personal attention without concern that you are paying for every minute of time discussing your matter. In fact, you will not be charged for the initial call at all.