Is your car about to be repossessed because you haven't made your payments? What are your rights? Even if you voluntarily give up your car, you still may be responsible for paying the difference.

Our firm has seen situations where even when the vehicle was sold at auction the lender is still demanding $15,000-$20,000 to be paid in one lump sum. Repossessions, whether voluntary or involuntary, can negatively affect your credit and ability to make purchases later.

Call us at (630)839-9776 before your vehicle is repossessed. We may be able to help you negotiate a deal. Our fees are extremely reasonable. We typically charge $90 to provide you with legal advice. If we call to negotiate on your behalf, the fee would be an additional $30 ($120 total).

Can you afford not to call us? Our firm will not charge you to simply call us to discuss your matter. We don't charge a fee until and unless we give legal advice.